General Plumbing Needs

Kitchens, baths and everything in between.

Water Damage and Restoration

Rockford Plumbing can dry and restore your property quickly and effectively.

Leak Detection

Water bills higher than usual? Water stains or seeping on your ceiling or walls? We can help.

Slab Leaks

Cracks in the walls or floor may be signs of a slab leak. Rockford Plumbing will diagnose the potential problem before it gets worse.

Water Heaters

Because there is nothing more uncomfortable than waking up to a cold shower.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are gross. If you have a clogged drain, Rockford Plumbing’s professional drain cleaning service can get your pipes flowing properly again

Faucets and Sinks

Dripping and leaking faucets can drive a family crazy in the middle of the night. Rockford Plumbing offers installation, repair and replacement of all your faucets and sinks.

Sewer Lines

Over time sewer lines inevitably become clogged with debris which prohibits the proper function of the sewer system.

Water Jetting

An obstructed pipe can cause damage to the whole plumbing network. Hydro jetting blasts out those obstructions with a high-powered stream of water.